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The Parsons Perspective

A Texans Two-Step in St. Louis
By Jeremy C. Parsons
December 23, 2009

The St. Louis Rams lost for the seventh time at home last Sunday to the Houston Texans. That's the bad news. The good news is, despite the team dealing with the flu, ten guys on injured reserve, and a bulging disc in Stephen Jackson's back, this team is actually getting better. Yes, there was that 40-point loss to Tennessee the week before, but let's pull that game out of the equation, and take a look at the rest of the season.

In the first eight games of the season, the Rams were outscored 27.6 - 9.6. In the six games since then, they have been outscored, on average, 26 - 13.6. Again, let's take out the lopsided game to Tennessee. The five games since the halfway point of the season look like this, with the Rams only being outscored 21.8 - 15, on average. That's a huge improvement, and makes me think with a little more luck, and a couple of less interceptions, the Rams could have possibly led the weak NFC West this season.

Yeah, in was another loss, but it was a tough loss. It was a hard-fought game, and despite injuries and let's face it- lack of talent, the Rams are starting to hang tough. More importantly, since Tampa Bay got their second win of the season, that now puts the Rams at the top of the draft list. Solid draft picks and free agency should help the Rams tremendously next season. The loss to the Titans solidified that the Rams can get the job done, they just don't have the record to show for it. They're simply missing a few key elements that will change in the off-season, and with that in mind, there is no reason why this team shouldn't be capable of having a winning season in 2010.

Before that comes into play, there are still two games left this season, as the Rams take on the NFC West Division champions, the Arizona Cardinals. With the flu bug out of the way, and quarterback Keith Null getting a chance to take more snaps at practice, the Rams might have a solid shot to defeat the Cardinals this weekend. After throwing a ridiculous five interceptions against the Titans, Null looked considerably better against the Texans, going 18-of-27 for 173 yards, 1 touchdown, and only 1 interception. He will start against the Cardinals, without a doubt, and should be in a comfort zone this weekend to possibly give them a run for their money.


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