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The Armani Archetype: Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford - 1 week Later
Christina Armani

One week ago the Rams drafted Sam Bradford as the first pick in the NFL draft. As I stated in my previous blog, they should have drafted Dmanukong Suh who ended up going to the Lions. As for other quarterbacks, Jimmy Claussen was picked in the second round and Colt McCoy went in the third round. The Rams could have picked Suh and then taken either quarterback but the Rams figured that Sam Bradford will be the only franchise quarterback. Fans who are supporting Bradford have already gave him the nickname "Iron Sam" which I believe is a much cooler nickname than "Sam the Ram." There has been a lot of buzz on the official facebook page about not taking Suh but after a week it has finally died down. I can't blame the fellow fans since Suh is supposed to be the best defensive tackle prospect in a decade but I believe that the worse of the Suh buzz is over.

Sam Bradford has been welcomed into St Louis and has had his picture taken with his number 8 jersey. He has a big smile on his face but of coarse if you signed an 80 million dollar you'd be smiling too. There are still fans who are worried about his shoulder injury but what NFL player hasn't had an injury or two? A lot of times injuries only make a person stronger and as a Rams fan I hope that's the case. Warner also had a shoulder injury and had a bad year or two afterwards but he was able to make a great comeback. Drew Brees has also had shoulder injuries and came back to win the Superbowl last year. In fact, Sam Bradford even had the same rehab doctor as Drew Brees so that's a great sign. There are a lot of fans who are backing up and supporting Bradford so that should boost his morale and confidence.

As for me, I am still upset that we didn't take Suh but Bradford is our quarterback now so I will support him and back him up. How do I think Bradford will do? I think that unless he's put in too early he's going to do great. With some help on the offensive line and Steven Jackson taking charge of the defense I believe that the Rams are headed to the Superbowl in the next two or three years. What happens if Bradford ends up being a bust? It'll be back to the drawing board and we'll most likely take a quarterback from another team. Chances of that happening are low though but only time will tell. However, I was serious about the jersey and I won't buy or ask for one unless he gets us a Superbowl win.


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