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The Armani Archetype: Why Rams

Why I'm A St Louis Rams Fan
Christina Armani

You may be wondering how an east coast girl became a Rams fan. Allow me to tell you my football story. I grew up actually hating football. Of coarse that was back when Baltimore didn't even have a team. I've always hated the Redskins sense Redskins fans would always pick on me as a kid. I still hate the Redskins more than any other team despite the fact that my boyfriend loves them. Hopefully if we ever get married and have a child it'll be a girl since it probably won't be hard to convince her to become a Rams fan like me.

In 1999 I was invited to a Super Bowl party and I enjoyed watching the commercials. I also enjoyed rooting for the Broncos and watching them win. I decided to regularly watch the superbowl for the commercial but that changed the next year. Yes, I became a die hard Rams fan on January 30, 2000 which was also the day I learned there was a team named the Rams please don't judge me! Before that day I was a little partial to the Ravens since they were the home team and the Ravens are now my second favorite team.

What happened that January night? During that superbowl by brother decided to root for the Titans so I decided to root for the Rams. As we all know the Rams won by a yard and it was very exciting for me to watch the team I was rooting for win the superbowl. Warner's amazing performance helped too and the Rams should have never let him go. Another thing that also helped is that I'm an Aries. This isn't a fact that is said much but yes the Rams are the only team to have the same name as an astrological sign. They also had a very good year in 2001 and 2002 and did go back to the playoffs a few times after 2001. If you ask me, the Patriots cheated and they are third on my list of hated teams.

Who is my most hated division rival you ask? Good question indeed. Most Rams fans will say it's the San Fransisco 49er's but not me. It's the Seattle Seahawks who are second on my hate list.


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