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The Armani Archetype: Bulger Thoughts

Bye Bye Bulger
Christina Armani

I got a Mark Bulger Jersey for Christmas last year and now less than four moglad nths later he is no longer a Ram. I knew that Bulger probably didn't have much time left in Saint Louis when I asked for the jersey but it was cheaper than a Steven Jackson jersey so I decided to take a gamble anyhow. I do regret my request for the jersey now but I will hang on to the jersey though and in a few years it'll be a throwback jersey.

While whether the decision to release Bulger may or may not have to do with the fact that the Rams are looking to draft Bradford is unknown, what is known is that Bulger had to sit out most of last season due to injuries. Most Rams fans are happy that Bulger is gone and want the team to move on and be good again. "finally" and "thank you" are words that have been thrown out by fans via Rams Facebook sites and very few seem to be upset to see him go. As for myself, I'm glad that he's gone too but mainly because I never got over the fact that he replaced Warner. In fact, there are some fans saying that we're doing the same thing we did to Warner, but I respectfully disagree. Warner was with us half as long as Bulger was, and the Rams were having better seasons with Warner. Bulger has starred in nearly 100 games for us and has never taken us to the superbowl so it's time for the Rams and us fans to move on.

What is in the future for Bulger? Well, Bulger is almost 34 years old so the best future he's likely to have is playing back-up on a good team. Maybe with a good team and a good defense to protect him he can still have a few good years left in him. Pehaps he will retire now, after all he does have over $20 million dollars just from the $65 million/8.5 million a year contract he signed three years ago. As a Rams fan I do wish him well but most of my well wishes are reserved for the Rams 2010/2011 season. Oh, and incase you're wondering I do not want Sam Bradford, I want Ndamukong Suh. Will I ever buy a Bradford jersey if the Rams do draft him? Not unless he wins us a superbowl.


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