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The Armani Archetype:Why Suh

Why the Rams Should Draft Ndamukong Suh
Christina Armani

All my friends and family know that I want the Rams to draft Ndamukong Suh as their first pick. I have been in favor of Suh from the beginning and am still strongly in favor of Suh. Why should the Rams draft Suh? It's simple! Suh is the best and even Mel Kiper Jr. concurs with that fact. The Rams need the best and Suh is healthy and strong. While the Rams have had quarterback issues the last few years, what good is a great quarterback if he doesn't have enough protection? Lets also remember what happened last year with the draft. The Lions drafted Matt Stafford who is a quarterback and the Lions had a terrible season. Do you have to draft high to get a great quarterback? How high was [sorry for the reference fellow Rams fans but Tom Brady drafted again? Oh yeah, that's right he was a sixth round pick.

The Rams are seriously considering Sam Bradford and while he did win a Heisman he now has an injured shoulder. Sure his shoulder seems fine now but his shoulder will take a lot of punishment if he's going to play for the Rams. I'm not the only Rams fan who is worried about Bradfords shoulder and the management and coaches should be worried too. Ndamukong Suh has won AP Player of the Year and if you go to espn.com of wikipedia.com you'll see that his stats are fairly consistant and that he works well solo. We Rams fans all know that Suh will be working mostly solo so he'll be a great advantage for the team. Sam Bradford scored 88 touchdowns in his college career but now there is the issue of his shoulder surgery. Lets also remember that Keith Null and A.J. Feeley still haven't got a chance to really shine, oh and we still have Kyle Boller too. The Rams can also easily end up with Tim Tebow for a second pick and Tebow has also won a Heisman Tebow also scored 88 touchdowns and he has 1,000 yards on Bradford. Tebow may need a little help in the passing areas but he can easily work on those areas with Steve Spagnuolo.

There are a bunch of Rams fans that do want Bradford but from what I've read in forums and fansites the majority of us fans still want Suh. In fact, on the Rams official Facebook page you will find fans saying that Suh is too big of an impact player to pass up on. I've also been reading more posts from today that concur with my idea that we should draft Suh and then draft Tebow. Some are saying we should draft Colt McCoy but as long as we draft Suh this Rams fan will be happy. Protection has been a huge issue for the Rams and drafting a quarterback first is not going to help with that problem. It's also not fair to draft a new quarterback for our first pick when there is still Null or Feeley or Boller who have yet to show their true talent as a Ram.

Why else should we draft Suh? Steven Jackson needs help and Suh can provide him with lots of it. In 2009 he had 82 tackles and 12quarterback sacks which was an improvement from 2008. It looks like Suh is just gonna get better and better. He has the promise of being of being a dominating tackle in the NFL and the Rams are in dire need of a dominating tackle. I have seen video highlights of both Suh and Bradford and they both look great. Of coarse I am more impressed by Suh's performances and he seems like he enjoys playing football more than Bradford does. The Rams are normally known as a defensive team and the Rams need a player who is large and in charge like Suh. Suh looks like a man who can take a lot of punishment and if you're going to be a Ram you're going to be dealt a lot of punishment.


  1. I DON'T SEE A REASON TO DRAFT BRADFORD OVER SUH! I know bradford's good, but a good quarterback comes along EVERY YEAR. You don't see a fabulous (perhaps one of the greatest) defensive tackle come every year!!!! Like you said, give Boller, Feeley, and Null a chance!!! There will still be good QB's in the 2nd round. Heck, Colt McCoy might still be on the board then. And by the way, Suh didn't win the Heisman, he won AP Player of the Year. And Tebow won only one Heisman.

  2. You said it Fatcha! We need Suh!

  3. This is a tough one as I think you need a really good QB to be a top NFL team, but the thing is like you said is if we don't get a QB this year there is still about the same shot of getting a good one next year. Bradford is no sure thing for being a franchise QB, there will not be a chance for a defensive player the caliber of Suh next year or the year after. Take Suh, and take a QB in the second round and see if it works out. If it looks like the second round QB won't work out pick a QB in the first next year and then you have your backup and starting QB's for at least 5 years hopefully and you have Suh.

  4. There are other good picks we can take in the second round too like McCoy and Claussen.

  5. Well Anonymous, you were right about needing a good QB whoever you are! However, the Rams were right to take Sam Bradford.