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The Armani Archetype: Majority Owner Stanley Kroenke

Kronke Officially Becomes Majority Leader
Christina Armani

Although it's no surprise since it has been a topic for most of the summer, Stanley Kroenke is now the majority owner of the Saint Louis Rams. Kroenke is now the 7th majority owner that the Rams have had. Seven is my lucky number so hopefully this is a good thing. The last two years have not been good for the Rams so this should be a change for the better.

There is a lot of debate on whether the Rams are going back to L.A. or staying in Saint Louis. I personally have a bunch of St Louis Rams merchandice including a border that I still have to put up in my room so they better not move. Their will be a bigger fanbase and more sponsers in L.A. but chances are high that the Rams are staying put at least for now.

From personal experience I know that moving a team is a very touchy subject. Of coarse it can depend on how the team moves too. The Colts quietly left Baltimore to go to Indi in the late 70's. There are still a ton of angry Baltimorians both young and old. The Houston Oilers left to go to Tennessee and while I have never been to Texas I am sure that there are still a lot of angry Oilers fans out there.

California already has the Chargers and the 49ers and also the Raiders so why on earth does Caliornia need a fourth team? However, Los Angelas is making a movement to get a football team and even has a site called losangelasfootballstadium.com. Right now there are around six teams targeted by Los Angelas including the Chargers, the Jaguars, the Bills, and the Seahawks. the Vikings, and the Rams. Of coarse after "Lets Ram it" is it really the best idea to take the Rams back to LA?


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