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The Armani Archetype - Rams Summer Recap

A Recap of the Rams Summer Events
Christina Armani

The biggest news is that Issac Bruce was given to the Saint Louis Rams and will retire with us. In fact, St Louis Rams had a welcome home message for several weeks. Most fans including myself are thrilled by this news. Bruce there it is!! In other news, Isaac Bruce was released by the Rams and then traded to the Patriots. I hate the Patriots as all Rams fans do so I am not happy about this. As for good news, Terrell Owens is not going to be a Ram. The Rams flirted with the idea of taking T.O. during the summer, but they didn't want him to end up upstaging Bradford or any other quarterback. T.O. is now a Bengal and I don't him sharing the spotlight with Chad Johnson and while we don't play the Bengals this year they will still be an interesting team to watch.

In other news Atogwe has resigned his contract and is staying with the team. While there was a little drama and uncertainty over the matter, Atogwe decided to stay with the Rams just before the end of his last contract. I am happy about this and hope that he has a great season.

In interesting news the Rams are going back to their original color! That is right the Rams are going to be sporting a red jersey during the preseason game against the Vikings tonight. Chances are the Rams will lose the game to the team that almost went to the superbowl but hey it's only preseason.

There hasn't been too much other news but the Rams seem to have had a great traing camp and the rookie's are excited to get out there and play the game. Sam Bradford has had a lot of success in training camp but since he's not fully ready to start yet, A.J. Feeley will be the starter for the Rams for now. Lastly, I'd like to point out that Suh ended up missing the start of training camp due to contract negotitiations. That's right, there are opportunities he missed that he will never have. Meanwhile, Sam Bradford has been at training camp from day one and working hard. Hopefully this is a sign that Bradford was the right choice for us.


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