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The Armani Archetype - Bold Season Game Predictions

My Predcitions For Outcomes of the Games
Christina Armani

Most sports analyists are predicting that the Rams will win four or five games this season. However, I predict that we will win at least seven games. Chances are that we may even have a winning season depending on when Bradford gets to start. The Rams have been having bad seasons long enough. It's time to turn things around. With a good start to the season we should have a good rest of the season. Below are my game predictions.

Week 1 vs. Cards - Win. With Warner gone it shouldn't be hard to beat them.
Week 2 vs. Raiders - Lose.
Week 3 vs. Redskins - Win. The Redskins suck. Enough said.
Week 4 vs. Seahawks - Win. It's our turn!
Week 5 vs. Detriot - Win. They aren't tough to beat unless your the Redskins!
Week 6 vs. Chargers - Lose. They are a good team.
Week 7 vs. Buccs - Lose. I don't think the Bucc will stop here.
Week 8 vs. Panthers - Lose. They are a good team.
Week 9 - Bye Week
Week 10 vs. 49ers Win/Lose. Most likely we will win since we normally win after a bye week.
Week 11 vs. Falcons - Lose. They are a good team.
Week 12 vs. Broncos - Lose. They are a good team.
Week 13 vs. Cards - Lose/Win Most likely will be a loss. We normally don't beat a division team twice in a season.
Week 14 vs. Saints - Lose/Win We aren't likely to beat them. However, it may happen since we almost beat them last year after dealing with swine flu.
Week 15 vs. Chiefs - Win. Bradford should be playing by now. If not we may or may not win.
Week 16 vs. 49ers - Win/Lose. I am optimistic about beating them twice but it can go either way.
Week 17 vs. Seahawks - Lose/Win. It'll most likely be a loss but if Bradford plays it can go either way.


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