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The Parsons Perspective

The Seattle Slaughter
By Jeremy C. Parsons
January 4, 2011

Okay, perhaps it wasn't a slaughter as far as the final score is concerned. On paper, a 16-6 game looks like a tough and close contest. In reality, it was anything but that, and it wasn't the Seahawks that slaughtered the Rams so much as it was the Rams slaughtering themselves.

There were a ton of mistakes in Sunday night's game that determined the NFC West champs. I'd say the start of the problems was the lack of protection for Sam Bradford. He was sacked three times, and rushed even more than that, which led to a disappointing and season-low 155 yards. The offensive line was just that- offensive.

In the handful of times Bradford went for the long pass, one was intercepted and the rest were dropped. The Rams weren't able to do anything down field. Since the Rams weren't able to accomplish anything in the passing department, one would think they would have relied on Steven Jackson to run the ball. That only happened 11 times against the Seattle, the 30th ranked defense in the NFL.

There were other issues too, such as plenty of penalties, and terrible officiating. As bad as the officiating was though, this game comes down to Spagnuolo and company. The coaching and decision making was brutal at best. It appeared as if Spagnuolo didn't have an answer for anything, and the Rams were totally unprepared for their most important game in years.

Going into the 2010 season, I truly felt like the Rams were capable of being a 8-8 team. I couldn't have imagined that they'd come close to that AND nearly win the division. Perhaps with a couple of solid draft picks and a coaching change in the offensive coordinator position, the Rams can solidly earn the NFC West crown next season.

In the meantime, I'm sure the 7-9 Seahawks will get knocked back down to reality this weekend in their Wildcard round match up against the Saints!


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