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Rams 2011 Schedule

Rams Schedule is Out and my Predictions
The Armani Archetype

Week 1 9/11 vs Eagles - We will most likely lose. The Eagles are a great team.
week 2 9/19 vs Giants - We will most likely win. The Giants are very good but the last thing the Rams want is another prime time disaster. They'll work their hardest to keep that from happening.
Week 3 9/27 vs Ravens - This one is a toss up but I'll have to go Rams.
Week 4 10/2 vs Redskins - This is no brainer. The Rams for sure. The Redskin are terribe
Week 6 10/16 vs Greenbay - This should be a loss. It's unlikely that we'll beat the superbowl champs. We'll have come off a bye so it's not impossible though.
Week 7 10/23 vs Dallas - Win. We almost beat them last year and we're going to be healthier.
Week 8 10/30 vs Saints - Lose. They're a great team. We'll do better then we did last year though.
Week 9 11/6 vs Arizona - Win. They're the worst team in the division and we almost swept them last year.
Week 10 11/13 vs Cleavland - Win. They're our easist opponent this season.
Week 11 11/20 vs Seattle - Win. It's a homegame. They may have won the division but we're still the better team.
Week 12 11/27 vs Arizona - Win. We will sweep them this year.
Week 13 12/4 vs San Fransisco - We will most likely win. We may lose since it's an away game
Week 14 12/12 vs Seattle - We will win. We won't let them embarrass us again in prime time.
Week 15 12/17 vs Cincinnati - They were quite terrible last year. They should be easy to beat.
Week 16 12/24 vs Pitsburgh - Santa will deliver us a win.
Week 17 1/1 vs San Fransisco - A tossup but in the 49ers favor. I'm not holding my breath for a season ending win.

Ok so I have predicted 13 wins. With a new offensive cordinator and healthy wide receivers we can do it. We do have a lot of tough opponents but we have some tough players too. We have been rebuilding for several years now and we're not the same lackluster team anymore. Will I be right again? Tune in this season to find out.


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